At Charles David we provide professional new home snagging inspections throughout the UK. We are based in East Anglia, but carry out inspections across the UK.
Our new build inspector will want to inspect your property on their own and will produce a professional snagging list for your brand new homes. We offer a full external and internal inspection using high quality equipment at no extra cost.
Our inspector is highly qualified and experienced and has worked with building and management of new build homes for the past 7+ years.
Charles David Snagging Snagging Experts

Frquently Asked Questions


Snagging is the process of checking a new build property for defects, poor workmanship and more issues that would fail building regulations. Almost anything in a new property can be snagged during a snagging survey. A snagging inspector will look for anything broken or damaged during the construction process, review how well fixtures and fittings have been installed, and check the quality of building and decorating finish. Examples of the types of issues a snagging inspector will come across are various paintwork poor workmanship related to paintwork and decoration in the house , plumbing works any leaks and loose bolts that could potentially cause a leak ,Plasterwork patching and redecoration, Ceramic tiling and bathroom tiling grouting incomplete, Architraves , loft hatches and skirting boards require caulking, External brickwork requires missing weep vents and brick acid wash plus out of plumb and out of tolerance, Block work not fully pointed, Loft insulation incomplete and not laid correctly causing drafts within the house,Extractor fans venting into roof and ceiling voids, Broken roof tiles, Defective or scratched windows, 
A full list would be near never ending as anything in a property could be snagged. A typical new home in the UK will return over 100 snags as most developments are built on mass and to tight timelines.

100% yes! ,The average new build property in the UK will have over 100 snags! But the average new build property buyer won’t know what to look for when following a snagging check list. This is where we come in an independent snagging company come in. As new home owners have found out, it can become a very stressful and expensive experience if defects in your new build are not spotted straight away. Considering how much a new home costs these days ,paying a specialist to make sure you get value for your money is worth every penny.

Ideally, you should have your property inspected prior to moving in, once all tradesmen have finished their work. However, most developers will not grant access to professional snaggers pre completion. We recommend to be booked in as soon after completion as possible. Don’t forget you can have an inspection carried out at any time within in the first two years of your warranty. You can submit your first snagging list at any time during this period.